From flourishing orchards to tranquil forests. From a castle tour to a city walk. For the enthusiastic hiker or the whole family. There’s always something to do in Bilzen within walking distance!

There are several looped trails starting from the Alden Biesen ‘green spot’. Will you choose the Demer Valley walk or head towards the Genoels-Elderen Wine Château? Or would you rather stay around Alden Biesen? Choose your distance and immerse yourself in nature. After that, you can return to your starting point and relax on a cosy terrace. Are you looking for hidden beauty? The ruins of the medieval Jonckholt Fortress are one such a special place in Bilzen, and are still hidden away in a quiet little nook. From the ruin, you can walk through the forest to the rural Groenendaal Castle (about 4 km). This castle shines amid the large English Garden. Spot the beautiful spring blossoms along the way. Wheelchair users and prams can start at the Apostelhuis, taking the trail between the open fields so you can enjoy the views. Would you rather stay in Bilzen city centre? The copper markers, engraved with a B for Bilzen, take you along the most beautiful spots and monuments of our Demer Valley city in an hour and a half. Tip: Find out all about the legendary Jazz Bilzen festival in the ‘Demer walk’ app.