Alden Biesen

From flourishing orchards to tranquil forests. From a castle tour to a city walk. For the enthusiastic hiker or the whole family. There’s always something to do in Bilzen within walking distance!

There are several looped trails starting from the Alden Biesen ‘green spot’. Will you choose the Demer Valley walk or head towards the Genoels-Elderen Wine Château? Or would you rather stay around Alden Biesen? Choose your distance and immerse yourself in nature. After that, you can return to your starting point and relax on a cosy terrace. Are you looking for hidden beauty?

 Distances: 4 km (blue & green), 8,5 km (orange), 11 km (rouge) or 16 km (yellow)

 Walking map: 2,50 euro


The ruins of the medieval Jonckholt Fortress are one such a special place in Bilzen, and are still hidden away in a quiet little nook. From the ruin, you can walk through the forest to the rural Groenendaal Castle (about 4 km). This castle shines amid the large English Garden. Spot the beautiful spring blossoms along the way.

 Distances: 5 km (green) of 5,7 km (blue)

 Walking map: 1,50 euro


Window on the Hoge Kempen National Park

During your hike through this ancient forest, you will walk along the border between Kempen and Haspengouw. You will discover pieces of heathland that are not found anywhere else in Haspengouw.

Six streams cut through this 400-hectare nature reserve. The highlight is a centuries-old pond area and a modern observation tower for observing rare water and marsh birds.

Departure point: Leroyplein Munsterbilzen

Distances: 6,3 km (blue diamond) or 9,7 km (red triangle)

Walking map: 2,50 euro



Coniferous trees still dominate the Hoefaert nature reserve. The name Hoefaert refers to the hoofing stables where knights used to shoe their horses. Walkers will find signposts and benches at regular intervals. In the Hoefaert, you will also find the peaceful Zwarteput, named after an old area of natural springs.

Distances: 4,2 km (green) or 9,6 km (red)

Walking map: 2,50 euro



The Schoonbeek woods lie in the cross-over zone between Kempen and Haspengouw. This shared influence is reflected in the vegetation and alternating loamy, sandy, and marshy ground.


The Wilderpark is a protected area with valuable hill and valley vegetation. It consists of grasslands and humid hay meadows, a wide variety of deciduous trees and herbaceous vegetation. It is accessible via footpaths with benches at regular intervals.


Would you rather stay in Bilzen city centre? The copper markers, engraved with a B for Bilzen, take you along the most beautiful spots and monuments of our Demer Valley city in an hour and a half. Tip: Find out all about the legendary Jazz Bilzen festival in the ‘Demer walk’ app.

Follow the copper studs featuring the B of Bilzen and let them guide you to the most beautiful places and monuments of our town on the Demer. The walk starts at the old town hall on the marketplace. Just in front of the raised column, you will find the first copper stud to set you on your way. In the accompanying brochure you will find a map and lots of information about the sights you will encounter.

A surprising walk that allows you to discover the best of Bilzen town centre in an hour and a half.  

Departure point: town hall, Markt, Bilzen

Distance: +/- 4 km

Walking map: 2,5 euro